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Kevin Federline

Kevin Federline, often referred to as "K-Fed," gained notoriety primarily for his brief and tumultuous marriage to pop superstar Britney Spears. However, Federline's life encompasses more than just his high-profile relationship. He has dabbled in various entertainment industry ventures, including music, reality TV, and even professional wrestling.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Born on March 21, 1978, in Fresno, California, Kevin Federline dropped out of high school to pursue dancing. He initially found work as a backup dancer for popular artists like Michael Jackson, Pink, and Justin Timberlake. His relationship with Britney Spears thrust him into the spotlight in the early 2000s.

Marriage to Britney Spears and Media Frenzy

Federline's whirlwind romance with Britney Spears led to their marriage in 2004. Their relationship was highly publicized and often chaotic, with paparazzi relentlessly following the couple. The short-lived marriage resulted in two sons, Sean Preston Federline and Jayden James Federline. They divorced in 2007.

Post-Britney Career Ventures

Following his split from Spears, Federline attempted to launch a music career, releasing an album titled "Playing with Fire" in 2006. However, the album received mostly negative reviews and failed to achieve commercial success. He participated in various reality TV shows like "Celebrity Fit Club" and appeared briefly on "WWE Raw."

Net Worth

Kevin Federline's net worth is estimated to be approximately $1.5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth [1]. Sources of his income include child support payments from Britney Spears, his past music releases, and television appearances.

Social Media

Kevin Federline has a presence on social media, though not as extensive as other celebrities:


Kevin Federline has not publicly discussed his religious beliefs.

Interesting Facts

  • Before his relationship with Britney Spears, Federline was engaged to actress Shar Jackson, with whom he has two children.
  • Federline has made headlines for his weight fluctuations over the years.
  • He has worked as a DJ in Las Vegas.


Kevin Federline's life has been marked by several controversies:

  • Custody Battle: He engaged in a highly publicized child custody battle with Britney Spears following their divorce.
  • Public Criticism of Britney Spears: Federline has been criticized for making public comments about Spears during her personal struggles.
  • Strained Relationships with Children: Reports have suggested strained relationships with his children from his marriage to Britney Spears.


Kevin Federline's life has been intertwined with pop culture and media scrutiny, largely due to his association with Britney Spears. Despite attempts to establish himself in the entertainment industry, his notoriety remains heavily linked to his former marriage. While he currently maintains a lower profile, Federline's name continues to spark curiosity and occasional controversy within the world of celebrity news.


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