10 Hilarious Bones Album Covers

Marlon M. Simpson

Bones, the enigmatic rapper and producer from Michigan, is known for his unorthodox approach to music. His experimental style of Hip-Hop has been praised by critics and fans alike. However, there is more to Bones than just his music. His album covers are nothing short of works of art, each one perfectly capturing the essence of his unique style.

The album cover for “In Our Bones,” the debut album released by Bones in 2016, is a prime example of his artistic approach. The cover features an abstract, surrealistic image of a skull, submerged in a sea of blue and green hues. The title, “In Our Bones,” is written in a bold, capital typeface, giving the image a sense of power and depth.

Bones’s vision for the cover reflects the underlying themes of the album. The skull represents mortality, while the title itself implies that these themes are ingrained in our very being. The use of color adds a dreamlike quality, further emphasizing the surreal elements present on the album.

Moving on to Bones’s self-titled album, released in 2014, the cover artwork is strikingly different. Instead of abstraction, the cover is a photograph of Bones himself, shrouded in shadows and cigarette smoke. The image captures the rebellious spirit of the album, with Bones staring off contemplatively into the distance. The photograph adds a personal element to the album, emphasizing Bones’s identity as both artist and individual.

The cover for “YouMadeYourBed,NowLieInIt,” released in 2011, is another triumph in creativity. The image features a bird’s-eye view of a bed, with a sheet twisted to form the shape of Bones himself. The title of the album is handwritten on the sheet, adding a sense of intimacy and vulnerability to the overall image. The use of negative space makes the image even more visually stunning, with the white space around the bed drawing the viewer’s eye towards the center.

Bones’s album covers are not mere packaging for his music. They are an extension of his artistic vision, a way to convey the themes and emotions present in his work. Each cover is a work of art in its own right, reflecting the uniqueness of Bones’s style.

In “Roll The Bones,” the cover art for the Rush album of the same name, Bones has taken a classic image and transformed it into something new. The cover features a skeleton in a fedora and leather jacket, posing against a backdrop of vibrant colors and abstract shapes. The image perfectly captures the playful, irreverent spirit of Bones’s music.

The cover for Bones’s 2006 album “Hip Hop/Rap Lyric” is a simple, yet effective, example of minimalism. The cover features a photograph of a hand holding a pen, with the album title written in a bold, uppercase typeface. The image reflects the importance of lyrics in Bones’s music, and the pen adds a personal touch to the overall design.

In “Bones The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack,” released in 2001, Bones has once again taken a classic image and reimagined it. The cover features a black and white photograph of a skeleton, posed in a theatrical, knowing stance. The image is evocative of classic film noir, adding to the mood and atmosphere of the album.

Bones’s album covers are more than just visuals. They are a representation of his identity and his unique approach to music. Each image tells a story, reflecting the themes present in his work. The colors, typography, and imagery of each cover are carefully chosen, adding depth and meaning to the overall design.

In conclusion, Bones is a true artist in every sense of the word, and his album covers are a testament to his creative vision. From the stark minimalism of “Hip Hop/Rap Lyric” to the surrealism of “In Our Bones,” each cover is a celebration of his unique style. As Bones continues to evolve as an artist, his album covers will undoubtedly evolve alongside him, capturing the essence of his ever-changing music.

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