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Procol Harum: Exploring the Enigmatic Album Covers

Procol Harum, a legendary British rock band formed in the late 1960s, has been captivating fans for decades with their unmatched compositions and poetic lyrics. But aside from their music, the band is also known for their enigmatic album covers that have become synonymous with their brand. In this article, we delve into the story behind these iconic artworks.

Italian 1st LP With Song Sung in Italian, Unique Cover

The band’s first Italian vinyl LP release is a unique and intriguing cover that features an oil painting of a voluptuous woman set against a dark blue background. The woman’s hair adorned with a floral crown symbolizes the music’s lyrical content. The front and back of the cover include a representation of the same artwork, with a diamond pattern on the back and the cover’s track listings on the front. The album is also notable for featuring a song sung entirely in Italian, “Il Tuo Diamante.”

Pin on Vinyl

The artwork of the Pin on Vinyl album is a true representation of the band’s edgy style. Featuring an abstract image of a pin being fastened onto a vinyl record, the cover perfectly captures the band’s spirit of experimentation and boundary-pushing. The bold use of typography and color creates a visual effect that is both striking and intriguing.

Still There’ll Be More: An Anthology 1967-2017

The Still There’ll Be More Anthology’s cover is a stunning compilation of the band’s most memorable album art. The cover’s dominant feature is a holographic foil stamped logo on the front cover, with a similar design on the back. The album’s title is displayed in bold white typography, providing a striking contrast to the trippy imagery. The result is a visual representation of the band’s evolution over time, taking the viewer on a journey through Procol Harum’s 50-year history.

Best of Procol Harum

The Best of Procol Harum album cover is a minimalist design that uses a simple black and white color scheme. Consisting of a close-up of the band’s famous A&M logo, the cover conveys a sense of understated elegance. The clean lines and sleek typography perfectly represent the group’s sophisticated sound while emphasizing their timeless appeal.

Repent Walpurgis

The Repent Walpurgis album cover is a beautiful work of art that features an oil painting of a medieval knight on horseback. The painting’s striking blue background and intricate detailing make it a captivating and memorable image. The title of the album is displayed in bold white typography, with the band’s name in smaller red letters. The cover’s unique combination of color, texture, and imagery creates a powerful impact that perfectly complements the album’s sound.

Shine On Brightly

The US release of Shine On Brightly features a unique cover that is emblematic of the band’s unique perspective on psychedelic-inspired rock music. A painting of a multicolored, psychedelic vortex of swirling colors dominates the cover, with the album’s title displayed in large white and black typography. The band’s name is written in script below it, emphasizing the sophisticated and edgy tone of the music.

A Salty Dog

The album cover for A Salty Dog is a slightly surrealistic rendering of a cartoon of a man in a sailor’s outfit holding a dog while standing behind a ship’s wheel. The image is striking in its simplicity and quirkiness, with the album’s title and the band’s name presented in bold white letters. The visual contrast between the cartoonish image and the serious, complex music inside the album creates a unique juxtaposition that perfectly encapsulates Procol Harum’s creative spirit.

Greatest Hits

The cover of Procol Harum’s Greatest Hits album is a stunning representation of the band’s sophisticated and experimental sound. The artwork features a black and white image of a woman’s face framed by a window of light, adding depth and dimension to the overall composition. Bold white typography highlights the band’s name and the album’s title, creating a sense of balance and proportion. The result is an album cover that is both thought-provoking and elegant.


Procol Harum’s album covers are a visual representation of the band’s creative spirit and boundary-pushing sound. Each cover tells a unique story, using striking imagery and typography that perfectly complement the music inside. These iconic artworks have become synonymous with the band’s brand, captivating generation after generation of loyal fans. From simple designs to stunning works of art, each album cover is a testament to the band’s unwavering commitment to creativity and originality.

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Procol Harum. "Shine On Brightly" (US) | Procol Harum, Rock Album

Procol Harum. "Shine On Brightly" (US) | Procol harum, Rock album


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Release Group “The Best Of Procol Harum” By Procol Harum – MusicBrainz

Release group “The Best of Procol Harum” by Procol Harum - MusicBrainz


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Procol Harum – Greatest Hits (Vinyl) – Discogs

Procol Harum – Greatest Hits (Vinyl) - Discogs


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