10 Awesome Dave Brubeck Albums Covers

Marlon M. Simpson

Dave Brubeck was an acclaimed jazz pianist and composer who left an indelible mark on the music industry through his unique and innovative style. His music was a fusion of classical and jazz elements that captivated audiences around the world. But not only was he known for his music, but also for his album covers that were just as iconic and innovative as his music. Let’s take a closer look at some of Dave Brubeck’s album covers and the stories behind them.

The Dave Brubeck Quartet – Brubeck Time

The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Brubeck Time

The album cover of Brubeck Time is a simple yet striking one, featuring a black and white photograph of the quartet on the front. The cover captures the quartet at work in a recording studio, with the pianist in the front, and the other members of the band surrounding him at the back. The photograph exudes creativity, soul, and action just like Brubeck’s music.



The cover of Dave Brubeck: America’s Most Unlikely Music Legend is a testament to the pianist’s unique persona. A caricature of Brubeck playing the piano is featured, with his head disproportionate in size to the rest of his body. The cover speaks to Brubeck’s charisma, eccentricity, and sense of humor, as well as his undeniable talent.

Dave Brubeck LP: Greatest Hits

Dave Brubeck LP: Greatest Hits

The album cover of Dave Brubeck LP: Greatest Hits is both mysterious and artistic. It features a profile of Brubeck in black and white, overlaid on a burst of orange, yellow, and blue colors, which creates a stunning visual contrast. The cover symbolizes Brubeck’s ability to transcend genres and create music that was both complex and accessible, and the colors seem to represent the various moods and emotions that his music evokes.

Marlon M. Simpson

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