White Reaper Asking For A Ride Review

Marlon M. Simpson

White Reaper Turns the ‘Pages’ on New Album Asking for a Ride

White Reaper has done it again! The Louisville-based band has released their newest album, titled “Asking for a Ride.” And let me tell you, it’s a wild ride from start to finish.

The band has always been known for their edgy and energetic punk rock sound, but “Asking for a Ride” takes it to a whole new level. The album is full of catchy guitar riffs, driving basslines, and hard-hitting drums that will get your heart racing and your feet tapping.

But it’s not just the music that makes this album special. Lead singer Tony Esposito’s vocals are raw and authentic, with just the right amount of grit to give the lyrics an extra punch. The lyrics themselves are a combination of rebelliousness and vulnerability, with themes ranging from heartbreak to personal growth.

The album opens with the track “Hollywood,” a song that sets the tone for the rest of the album. It’s a fast-paced and upbeat song that will have you singing along in no time. But don’t let the catchy melody fool you – the lyrics are a scathing indictment of the entertainment industry, with Esposito calling out those who profit off of the dreams and aspirations of young people.

From there, the album keeps the energy high with tracks like “Real Long Time” and “Diamonds.” These songs are driven by powerful guitar riffs and booming drums, and are sure to get you up and moving.

But it’s not all high-octane punk rock on “Asking for a Ride.” The album also has its fair share of slower, more introspective tracks. “Might Be Right” is a standout in this category, with its haunting melody and introspective lyrics about personal growth and change.

Overall, “Asking for a Ride” is an album that will make you feel alive. It’s a perfect blend of punk rock energy and heartfelt lyrics that will leave you feeling inspired and energized. If you’re a fan of White Reaper or just a lover of good music, this is an album you won’t want to miss. So buckle up and take a ride with White Reaper – you won’t be disappointed.

Marlon M. Simpson

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