10 Awesome Clown Album Covers

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Clown Album Covers: Unsettling Concoctions of Music and Art

There are album covers that are so strikingly beautiful, they go down in history as iconic works of art. Then, there are album covers that take a different approach to be unforgettable. Clown album covers have a special place in the latter category. They take on a rare aesthetic that is tough to shake off, and more often than not, leave a lasting impression on anyone who glimpses them.

These album covers featuring clowns are, to say the least, unnerving. The artwork is dark, surreal, and often holds a macabre quality. They are equal parts cringeworthy and intriguing, luring you into this world of strange characters that are at once unsettling and bizarrely fascinating.

One such album cover is “Pervy the Clown” by David A. Stewart. It features a grinning clown laying on a bed while looking directly at the viewer. The clown has a single red rose in his mouth, and his face is painted white with exaggerated lipstick and black markings around the eyes. The cover is almost sinister in its simplicity, and the art perfectly reflects the album’s provocative title.

Another example of a clown album cover that has managed to make its way into pop culture is Insane Clown Posse’s “The Great Milenko.” The cover features a demonically jester-like clown with knives for fingers, clad in a purple suit and swinging a wicked scepter. The art is the epitome of edgy, and it has become the image that people associate the group with.

Aside from Insane Clown Posse, there are plenty of other artists who have taken the clown cover route. There is “Perfectly Normal” by Charles David Denler, which features a clown sitting on a swing. The twist? The clown is actually headless. Its body is painted white, while the neck stump is painted black, heightening the sense of horror.

A more classic example of a clown album cover is “Days of Future Passed” by The Moody Blues. While not as widely known for its clown imagery, the artwork features a clown and is a combination of both light and dark, directly reflecting the dichotomy of the album’s sound.

For many of these album covers, the clowns themselves could be seen as genuinely creepy. The traditionally happy-go-lucky and silly demeanor of these characters is flipped on its head when placed in a darker context. Though in some instances, the clown imagery could be seen as a callback to the fear and unease that they can elicit in some people. These album covers are an interesting study in how something that induces laughter and joy actually operates as a source of terror in certain situations.

Aside from their darkness and horror factor, these clown album covers are also indicative of the edgy side of art. They are often provocative, daring and push the boundaries of acceptability with artwork that falls out of the mainstream.

The true beauty of clown album covers is the eerie quality that makes for such a memorable image. It might not appeal to everyone, but for those who seek to confront their fears head-on or appreciate something uniquely strange, these covers are a must-see.

In conclusion, clown album covers are disturbing yet captivating. With their unsettling imagery, they force audiences to confront their own morality and limits. Although not well-known for their artistry, they represent a critical evolution of album cover design and continue to inspire music and art fans alike. A true testament to the enduring power of dark and cerebral art.

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