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Marlon M. Simpson

Lana Del Rey has kept her fans on the edge of their seats with her latest single, “Dealer,” which features Miles Kane. The haunting, ethereal sound transports the listener to a world of pain, addiction, and the destruction of love. In true Lana fashion, she delves deep into some heavy topics that have left listeners wondering about the true meaning of the song.

The song takes a dark turn as Lana describes herself as a “dealer” and compares herself to the drug that her lover is addicted to. The lyrics talk about the destructive force of addiction and how it pierces deep into one’s core, leaving behind a trail of chaos. It is a theme that Lana has explored in her previous works, showing her fascination with taboo topics and the eccentricity of human behavior.

Lana’s poetic lyrics are symbolic, befitting of her unique style. She talks about how the lover is “bleeding out” and “losing his mind,” which suggests that he is in a state of emotional turmoil and physical disarray. The haunting melody in the background only adds to the eerie feeling of the song.

In the chorus, Lana sings, “I am your obliquitous, I am your demi plié,” which in ballet refers to a half-bend of the knees. This could be interpreted as the lover being bent over, struggling with the effects of addiction. The line, “I’m your answer, I’m your pseudo-lover,” suggests that Lana is an escape for her lover, a temporary solution to his problems, but not a permanent fix.

The second verse talks about the lover’s indifference to his addiction, which only adds to Lana’s pain. She sings, “I’m turning blue, I’m turning violet, true story, I’m dying, ask me, I’m lying.” This is a powerful metaphor, suggesting that the addiction is consuming her lover, and that he is indifferent to the destructive force that it is unleashing.

Lana then sings, “You don’t have to remind me to breathe,” which could be interpreted as coming from the perspective of the lover, who is confident that he can control his addiction. However, the final lines of the song reveal the true agony of the situation, as Lana sings, “I miss the way things were before, when no one mattered, no one cared, and no one hurt.” This is a heartbreaking sentiment, suggesting that Lana longs for the time before her lover’s addiction took hold of him, when the world was a simpler place.

In conclusion, “Dealer” is a poignant and powerful song that explores themes of addiction, pain, and love. Lana Del Rey’s poetic lyrics and haunting melody add to the eerie feeling of the song, leaving the listener with a sense of melancholy and sorrow. The song is an excellent addition to her already impressive repertoire, cementing her place as one of the most unique and creative artists in the music industry today.

Marlon M. Simpson

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