10 Awesome Carly Simon Album Covers

Marlon M. Simpson

Carly Simon, the renowned American singer-songwriter, has rightfully earned her place in music history with her incredible talent and unique style. Her music has touched millions of fans around the world, and her album covers have become icons in their own right.

No Secrets

No Secrets album cover by Carly Simon

The 1972 album “No Secrets” is one of Carly Simon’s most iconic works, and its album cover is no exception. Featuring a simple yet captivating photograph of Carly, the cover portrays raw sensuality and vulnerability that reflects the album’s emotional themes. The black background accentuates Carly’s striking features and the flowing white dress emphasizes her femininity.


Anticipation album cover by Carly Simon

Released in 1971, Carly Simon’s second album, “Anticipation”, was another great moment in the history of music. Its album cover features Carly’s face half-buried in sand, creating a mysterious, enigmatic and alluring image that captivates the viewer’s attention. The album’s title cleverly plays on the double meaning of the word ‘anticipation’, which is interpreted as both an eagerness for future events and a sense of unease or apprehension, reflecting the album’s themes.

The Best of Carly Simon

The Best of Carly Simon album cover

Released in 1975, “The Best of Carly Simon” is a testament to Carly Simon’s versatility and proficiency as a songwriter. The album cover is a striking image of Carly in a purple coat that emphasizes her iconic hair. The facial expression on the cover is stunning since she looks down on the viewer with an enigmatic yet approachable gaze, reflecting her talent and personality.

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