Did Molly Bloom Get Her Money Back

Marlon M. Simpson

In recent years, we have seen countless true stories adapted into movies and TV shows. One of the most popular among them was Molly’s Game, based on the memoir of Molly Bloom. The movie depicted the life of Molly, a former Olympic-level skier, who went on to organize high-stakes poker games for Hollywood celebrities, businessmen, and politicians. However, as it turned out, the games were illegal, and Molly was charged by the FBI.

While many aspects of the movie were accurate, there is still one question that many viewers have: Did Molly Bloom get her money back? It’s a complicated question, and the answer is not as simple as a ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

In the movie, Molly was shown to have made millions of dollars in profits from the poker games. The viewers were left wondering what happened to all that money. Did the government seize it? Did Molly manage to keep some of it? Let’s take a closer look.

The government did seize some of Molly’s assets, including her bank accounts, cash, and some properties. However, it’s unclear how much money they actually seized. In an interview with PokerNews, Molly stated that the government took everything she had, including her life savings, and she was left with nothing. But that might not be entirely true.

According to court documents, Molly’s assets were seized as part of the forfeiture process, but the government only obtained around $125,000 from her. That’s a small fraction compared to the millions she was believed to have earned from the games. The government claimed that they couldn’t find the rest of the money, and it was likely hidden or spent.

So, did Molly get any of her money back? Yes, she did. In the same interview with PokerNews, Molly revealed that she was able to get back some of her money, thanks to a settlement she reached with the government. However, the amount she received was not disclosed, and it’s unclear whether it covers all her losses or just a portion of it.

It’s worth noting that Molly was also ordered to pay a significant amount of money in restitution. In 2014, she pleaded guilty to charges of operating an illegal gambling business, and she was sentenced to one year of probation and fined $200,000. She was also ordered to pay $125,000 in restitution to one of the poker players who lost money in the game. It’s unclear if she paid the full amount or not.

In conclusion, the answer to the question “Did Molly Bloom get her money back?” is a bit complicated. While she did get back some of her money through a settlement with the government, it’s unclear how much she received and whether it covers all her losses. She was also ordered to pay a significant amount in fines and restitution, but it’s not clear if she paid the full amount. Despite the legal troubles and financial setbacks, Molly seems to have moved on from the incident and is currently working on several new projects.

Marlon M. Simpson

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