10 Awesome Skrillex Album Covers

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Skrillex is a name that has become synonymous with electronic music and is widely recognized as one of the most influential producers in the world. His music has achieved worldwide success, and his fans just can’t seem to get enough. However, Skrillex fans not only love his music but also the incredible album art that accompanies his releases.

Skrillex’s unique style can be seen in his album covers, and these works reflect his innovative and unconventional approach to music. The artwork ranges from simple and elegant compositions to complex and intricate designs that are visually striking and instantly recognizable. These covers aren’t just beautiful to look at; they also offer a glimpse into Skrillex’s creative process.

One of the most iconic album covers featuring Skrillex is for his album “Recess.” It features a bright and vivid graphic design, with a black background accented by a neon green “R.” The typography of the album’s title is also unique, as it appears to be made up of overlapping lines and shapes. The overall effect is both energetic and emblematic of the album’s sound.

Another Skrillex album cover that has made quite the impact is the artwork for his album “Bangarang.” The design features a black and white photograph of a young boy smoking a cigarette. The image is both gritty and unapologetic while also being somewhat disturbing, which perfectly captures the edgy and aggressive nature of the album’s sound.

Skrillex also released an EP called “Voltage,” which features a somewhat sinister and electric design. The artwork features an image of a skull with electrical wires attached to it, surrounded by the crackling of lightning bolts. This artwork is strikingly memorable and visually unique.

The cover for Skrillex’s album “Monsters and Sprites” is another notable example of the artist’s creativity. The album cover features an image of a cartoonish monster with three red, laser-like eyes. The creature is suspended in front of a chaotic digital backdrop that features flashy geometric shapes and patterns.

Another masterpiece is the album cover for Skrillex’s “Bangarang – EP.” Along with its bold typography and graphic design, the cover also incorporates elements of graffiti art. It features a wall with the words “Bangarang”, painted in bright and multi-colored letters. The wall is layered with other graffiti tags, adding to the raw and urban feel of the artwork.

Skrillex knows how to capture the essence of his music and translate it into visual artwork. These album covers are not only a reflection of his unique style, but they also serve as a way to engage and connect with his fans on a deeper level. Each album cover is a unique work of art, which is both visually striking and memorable.

In conclusion, Skrillex album covers serve as an extension of his music and an essential part of his artistic expression. These covers aren’t just pretty pictures, but they represent the power of Skrillex’s music, his creative vision, and his cultural impact. For Skrillex fans, these covers are a treasured component of their music collection and an essential element of their devotion to the artist.

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Skrillex – Kyoto Lyrics | Genius Lyrics


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Skrillex 'Voltage' Album Cover By PellisHD On DeviantArt

Skrillex 'Voltage' Album Cover by PellisHD on DeviantArt


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Skrillex Album Cover By Joshwalkermedia On DeviantArt

Skrillex Album Cover by joshwalkermedia on DeviantArt


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