10 Awesome Grime Album Covers

Marlon M. Simpson

Grime music, the UK originated genre that blends elements of electronic and hip-hop music with heavy basslines and aggressive lyrics, has been pushing boundaries in the music world for over a decade. But as much as the music plays a vital role in its success, the genre’s visual identity also plays a significant part in its recognition. Grime album covers not only represent the music it encapsulates but also signify the movement’s essence. Here are some of the most iconic grime album covers of all time that speak volumes:

1. Grime – Grime (1979)

Grime - Grime (1979) album cover

Grime music’s origin can be traced back to 1979. And this album from Grime, the band that’s considered to be the first grime band ever, is a testament to the roots of the movement. The simplicity of the cover design featuring only the word Grime hand-drawn over a black background reflects the DIY ethos of the genre.

2. Grime 2.0 – Various Artists (2013)

Grime 2.0 - Various Artists (2013) album cover

This album encapsulates the post-millennial wave of grime that saw the genre explode globally. The cover features a photo of a rain-drenched London street, possibly reflecting the grey and gritty feel of the city that serves as the genre’s birthplace.

3. Skepta – Konnichiwa (2016)

Skepta - Konnichiwa (2016) album cover

Skepta’s Konnichiwa album, which won the Mercury prize in 2016, has one of the most eye-catching album covers in grime history. The cover, created by artist Matthew Senna, features a wolf-masked Skepta sitting on an illuminated throne surrounded by flames. The visuals represent the album’s themes of power, royalty, and dominance.

Marlon M. Simpson

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