10 Awesome Stevie Wonder Album Covers

Marlon M. Simpson

When we talk about the greatest musicians of all time, Stevie Wonder is a name that comes to mind. The man is a legend in his own right, with countless hits to his name and a divine voice that still touches our souls. But Stevie isn’t just known for his music – he’s also known for his album covers. From Music of My Mind to Songs in the Key of Life, Stevie’s album covers are as iconic as his music itself.

Music of My Mind

Music of My Mind album cover

Released in 1972, Music of My Mind was Stevie’s first album after leaving Motown Records. The album cover features a typography-heavy design with colorful lettering against a black background. It’s a simple yet effective design that perfectly captures the essence of the album.

Every time I hear any song from this album

Talking Book album cover

Talking Book is one of Stevie’s most iconic albums, and the album cover is just as memorable. The cover features a close-up shot of Stevie with his eyes closed, wearing a pair of shades and earrings. It’s a striking image that perfectly captures Stevie’s cool and confident persona.

Anthology – Looking Back

Anthology - Looking Back album cover

Anthology – Looking Back is a compilation album that features some of Stevie’s greatest hits. The album cover is a simple yet elegant design, with a black and white photo of Stevie in the center and the title of the album in bold white letters above. It’s a timeless design that perfectly captures the essence of Stevie’s music.

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