10 Awesome Vangelis Album Covers

Marlon M. Simpson

The world of music is full of artists who have delivered timeless classics that have left a mark in the hearts of their fans. One such artist is Vangelis. Known primarily for his instrumental electronic music, Vangelis has also gained a reputation for his album covers. Indeed, Vangelis album covers are a sight to behold.


VANGELIS Earth album cover

VANGELIS Earth is an album that is dominated by a beautiful color palette, depicting a perfect blend of yellow and green. The album cover art, which showcases a scenic view, is a sight to behold. Such serene scenery in Earth inspired Vangelis to create an album that captures the euphoria of being in nature, using electronic sounds and engaging beats.

The Collection by Vangelis on Spotify

The Collection by Vangelis on Spotify album cover

The Collection by Vangelis on Spotify takes on a different approach when it comes to album cover art. The cover art is simple and elegant, featuring a minimalistic design that emphasizes the album title. However, the simplicity of the cover art does not take away from the greatness of the tracks in the album. In fact, the album serves as a great introduction to Vangelis’ music, providing engaging and soulful tunes.

VANGELIS Portraits

VANGELIS Portraits album cover

The Portraits album is a beautiful depiction of Vangelis’ art. The album cover artwork is an actual portrait of the artist, painted by renowned painter Georges Mathieu. This album marks a point in Vangelis’ career where he decided to play around with different genres. The album features a diverse range of music, including Jazz, Electronic, and Contemporary Classical. Vangelis embraced his creativity and delivered an album that showcased his range as an artist.

Marlon M. Simpson

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