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Marlon M. Simpson

Darkthrone is one of the most iconic black metal bands of all time. From their early days in the Norwegian scene to their later influences on the broader heavy metal world, they have remained a cultural touchstone for many fans of extreme music. One of the most striking elements of the band’s aesthetic has always been their album covers. Let’s take a closer look at some of Darkthrone’s most memorable album covers.

First up, we have the cover for “A Blaze in the Northern Sky.” This is arguably the band’s most famous album, and the cover is definitely one of their most striking. The image features an ancient Viking ship, seemingly abandoned and adrift in a dark, icy sea. The ship is surrounded by ghostly apparitions and a haunting, otherworldly mist. The overall effect is eerie and unsettling, a perfect representation of the band’s bleak and atmospheric sound.

Next, we have the cover for “Transilvanian Hunger.” This album was released in the early 90s, at the height of the Norwegian black metal scene. The cover features a stark black and white image of a forest at night, with the band’s name scrawled across the top in a jagged, aggressive font. The image is minimalist but powerful and has become one of the most iconic album covers in all of black metal.

Moving on to “The Underground Resistance,” we have a much more colorful and playful cover. The image features a cartoonish, almost comical depiction of the band members as a group of rebellious punks. They are shown throwing Molotov cocktails and standing defiantly against a backdrop of burning buildings and political unrest. The cover is a departure from the band’s usual aesthetic, but it still manages to capture their irreverent and rebellious spirit.

For “Old Star,” the band’s most recent album, we have a cover that harks back to their earliest days. The image features a simple black and white photograph of a tree, with the band’s name and album title scrawled in white at the bottom. The image is stark and simple, a nod to the band’s raw and primitive early sound.

Finally, we have the cover for “Arctic Thunder.” This album was released in 2016, over twenty years after the band’s first album. The cover features an ominous, foggy landscape in icy blues and grays. The band’s name is barely visible in small, white letters at the bottom. The image is evocative and atmospheric, a perfect representation of the band’s more mature and introspective sound.

Darkthrone’s album covers are more than just eye-catching images. They are an integral part of the band’s aesthetic and a window into their worldview. From the spooky, ghostly images of their early albums to the more playful and irreverent covers of their later work, each cover tells a story and captures an aspect of the band’s identity. For fans of extreme music, Darkthrone’s album covers are a must-see, and the band’s music would be incomplete without them.

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