10 Hilarious Alice Cooper Album Covers

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Alice Cooper – an icon of rock music – has long been known for his edgy and daring image. From his stage performances to his album covers, Cooper has always been one to push the boundaries. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most iconic Alice Cooper album covers of all time.

Love It to Death (1971)
Released in 1971, Love It to Death was Alice Cooper’s third studio album. The cover of the album features a creepy black and white image of a man with black eyes and a rough complexion. The image is haunting, and captures the essence of Alice Cooper’s dark and edgy vibe. The image was so powerful that it became one of the most iconic album covers of all time.

Killer (1971)
The cover of Alice Cooper’s fourth album, Killer, features a haunting image of a metal snake coiled around a baby doll’s neck. The image is unsettling, and perfectly captures the eerie and unsettling themes present in the album’s music.

Billion Dollar Babies (1973)
Billion Dollar Babies, released in 1973, featured a striking image of an armed baby wearing a top hat. The album cover perfectly captured the album’s themes of greed and excess, and remains one of Alice Cooper’s most iconic album covers to this day.

Welcome to My Nightmare (1975)
Released in 1975, Welcome to My Nightmare utilized a surreal and dream-like album cover that perfectly captured the themes present in the music. The cover featured an image of Cooper’s face distorted in a freakish manner, with a number of different surreal elements in the background.

Constrictor (1986)
Constrictor, released in 1986, featured a more streamlined and modernistic album cover than previous Alice Cooper albums. The cover featured a striking image of Cooper’s face, illuminated in green light. The image perfectly captured the album’s heavy metal sound, and remains a fan favorite to this day.

Overall, Alice Cooper’s album covers are just as iconic as his music. From haunting black and white images to surreal dreamscapes, each of Cooper’s album covers perfectly capture the essence of his edgy and rebellious persona. So the next time you listen to one of Alice Cooper’s albums, take a closer look at the cover, and appreciate the artistry that went into creating it.

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Alice Cooper Album Covers

Alice Cooper album covers


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Alice Cooper – From The Inside | Alice Cooper, Alice Cooper Songs

Alice Cooper - From The Inside | Alice cooper, Alice cooper songs


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