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Marlon M. Simpson

Circa Survive is a band that has been known to push boundaries with their unique sound and constantly-evolving musical style. They have captured audiences with their complex melodies, poetic lyrics, and electrifying performances. But they have also garnered attention for their captivating album covers. Each album cover is a work of art in its own right, showcasing stunning visuals that reflect the band’s innovative spirit.

Looking at their album covers, it’s clear that Circa Survive values visual art as much as their music. One of their earliest album covers is for the album, “Juturna”. The album cover features an abstract image of a swirling landscape with hues of blue and purple. The image is geometric in structure, almost like an intricate puzzle, and hints at the band’s experimental nature. This is a perfect display of their swirling and psychedelic sound that was inspired by their early days experimenting with psychedelics.

Moving to their album, “On Letting Go”, the image is a stark departure from the previous. The cover, painted by Esao Andrews, is a stunning and surreal depiction of a butterfly and moth caught in a spider web. The painting is both haunting and beautiful, showcasing Andrews’ mastery of the surrealism genre. The image explores themes of loss and the struggle of finding one’s way through difficult times. It’s a cover that demands attention and invites the listener to delve into the album and explore the band’s sound.

The cover for their album, “Blue Sky Noise”, is yet another incredible visual masterpiece. The image features a majestic elephant sporting a crown of antlers, surrounded by a vibrant cloak that blurs the line between reality and imagination. It’s a stunning composition by artist, Esao Andrews, who has been behind some of Circa Survive’s most iconic album covers. The image speaks to themes of power, strength, and surrealism that are central to the band’s ethos.

Their album, “Violent Waves” takes a more minimalistic approach in its cover art. With a simple image of a white background and a light grey geometric shape, it is a departure from the dramatic imagery they have used in the past. The cover reflects the band’s understated approach to the album and the raw emotion that comes through in their music.

While each album cover tells its own story, there are common threads that tie them together. The intricate details, the surrealistic imagery, the psychedelic colors- all are an extension of Circa Survive’s nonconformist spirit. Each cover defies convention, and is a work of art in its own right. They draw the listener in and invite you to explore the band’s creative process.

In conclusion, Circa Survive’s album covers are as much a part of their identity as their exhilarating music. They are visual representations of the band, and like their sound, they continue to evolve with each release. These covers are not just mere images, but visual stories that evoke emotions and speak to the listener in their own unique way. As the band continues to explore new sonic territories, their album covers will undoubtedly follow suit.

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