Maytag Washer Sounds Like A Jet Engine

Marlon M. Simpson

Are you tired of the loud, disruptive noise coming from your Maytag washer? Does it sound like a jet engine preparing for takeoff? Fear not, as this article will cover 10 reasons why your washer may be making this unsettling sound and what you can do about it.

1. Damaged Bearings: If the bearings in your Maytag washer are worn or damaged, it can cause a loud rumbling or jet engine-like sound during the spin cycle. This is because the bearings support the tub and help it spin smoothly. If they’re damaged, the tub can become misaligned and cause this noise. Replace the bearings and your washer’s performance will be restored.

2. Unbalanced Load: An unbalanced load can cause the motor to work harder than usual, resulting in a loud noise during the spin cycle. This occurs when clothes are unevenly distributed in the washer, causing it to jolt around and produce the jet engine-like sound. Try to evenly distribute clothes in the washer to prevent this from happening.

3. Faulty Belt: If your washer belt is worn or loose, it can cause a loud screeching or jet engine-like sound when the motor operates. This is because the belt is no longer properly gripping the drum, causing it to slip and produce this noise. Replacing the belt will fix this issue.

4. Worn Bushings: The bushings in your Maytag washer can wear out over time, causing a jet engine-like sound during the spin cycle. These bushings dampen vibrations and support the tub. Replacing worn bushings will restore proper function to your washer.

5. Loose Parts: Loose or worn parts in your washer can also cause a jet engine-like sound. Check for any loose or damaged parts and tighten or replace them accordingly.

6. Motor Malfunction: A malfunctioning motor can also produce this loud noise from your washer. If the motor is not functioning properly, it will struggle to turn the drum, causing a jet engine-like sound. A professional should inspect and replace the motor if necessary.

7. Draining Problem: A slow or clogged drain can cause the washer to make a jet engine-like sound during the spin cycle. This occurs because the washer struggles to remove water from the drum, causing the tub to jolt and produce this noise. Clear any clogs and ensure proper drainage to prevent this noise from happening.

8. Worn Dampening Pads: The dampening pads in your washer help to reduce vibrations and prevent the jet engine-like sound from occurring. If these pads are worn or damaged, the washer will become noisy during operation. Replacing these pads will restore proper function to your washer.

9. Faulty Suspension Springs: The suspension springs in your Maytag washer help to absorb vibrations and prevent the drum from bouncing around. If these springs are worn or broken, it can cause a loud jet engine-like sound during operation. Replacing the faulty suspension springs will eliminate this noise.

10. Motor Coupler Issue: The motor coupler is responsible for connecting the washer’s motor to the transmission and pump. If this coupler becomes damaged, it can cause the washer to produce a loud noise during operation. Replace the coupler to regain proper function and eliminate the noise.

In conclusion, a noisy Maytag washer can be unsettling and frustrating. Utilize the above 10 reasons to diagnose and fix the issue. Whether it’s damaged bearings, an unbalanced load, faulty parts or something else entirely, identifying and repairing the problem will restore your washer to its quiet, peaceful state.

Marlon M. Simpson

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