10 Awesome Opeth Album Covers

Marlon M. Simpson

Opeth is a band whose music is known for its beautiful and intricate melodies, complex song structures, and dynamic compositions that draw on a variety of musical genres. One thing that sets Opeth apart from other bands is their album covers. Opeth’s album covers have become almost as iconic as their music. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of Opeth’s album covers and what makes them so special.


Opeth Orchid Album Cover

Opeth’s debut album, Orchid, was released in 1995 and features a stunning cover that perfectly captures the band’s unique sound. The cover art, created by designer Travis Smith, depicts a dark, foreboding forest scene, with intricate details that draw the viewer in. The band’s name is written in bold letters across the top of the cover in a font that is both bold and elegant. The overall effect is both haunting and beautiful, which perfectly encapsulates Opeth’s music.


Opeth Morningrise Album Cover

Opeth’s second album, Morningrise, was released in 1996 and features another striking cover by Travis Smith. The cover features a ghostly, apocalyptic landscape, with the band’s name written in bold font at the top. The image is both beautiful and unsettling, reflecting the album’s themes of death, loss, and rebirth.

My Arms, Your Hearse

Opeth My Arms Your Hearse Album Cover

Opeth’s third album, My Arms, Your Hearse, was released in 1998 and features a cover that is both beautiful and mysterious. The cover art, also by Travis Smith, features a haunting image of a girl floating in a lake, with the band’s name written in an elegant font at the bottom. This image perfectly captures the album’s themes of death and the afterlife.

Marlon M. Simpson

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