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The Cult is a British rock band that has been rocking the music industry since the 1980s. With a unique blend of post-punk, gothic rock, and hard rock, they have become a cult favorite among music enthusiasts. However, their music is not the only thing that sets them apart. The Cult album covers are just as iconic and have an edgy quality that is hard to ignore.

Let’s take a closer look at some of their most memorable album covers.

Dreamtime (1984)
Released in their early days, Dreamtime features a striking cover with a black-and-white image of a shamanic figure. The figure is dressed in feathered headdress and holding a staff. The background accentuates the tribal feel with a thick layer of white paint. The album’s title is printed below in bold black letters. This cover is a stunning reflection of the band’s mysticism and their interest in native cultures.

Love (1985)
This album is one of The Cult’s most popular releases. The Love cover features a gorgeous black-and-white portrait of the band members. All four band members are dressed in black, which contrasts beautifully with the pale backdrop. The photo captures the band’s moody and introspective vibe, and the band’s name and album title are printed in a bold, glowing font. This album cover is an essential piece of The Cult’s history and has become a classic.

Sonic Temple (1989)
Sonic Temple’s album cover is one of The Cult’s most iconic works. With its bold red background and a photo of a striking white tiger, this cover exudes a sense of power and danger. The image of the tiger is preoccupied with something visible in the background, which creates a sense of suspense. The image of the band’s name and album title are written in a cool typography design that complements the cover’s overall feel. Sonic Temple’s cover is an excellent example of how album covers can be an extension of the artist’s music.

Electric (1987)
Electric is a departure from the band’s previous album covers. This album cover features a black-and-white photo of a naked woman’s back, her hair cascading down to her hips. While this may seem like a bold move, it resonated with the band’s fans and the overall ethos of their music. The band’s name is written in a graffiti font, which adds to the cover’s overall grittiness. This cover is a perfect reflection of The Cult’s rebellious attitude.

Ceremony (1991)
Ceremony’s cover is the epitome of The Cult’s gothic sensibilities. There are no bright colors or images of the band. Instead, there is a photo of a dark, brooding landscape. A tree trunk is visible in the foreground, with skeletal fingers reaching out. The band’s name and album title are written in an elegant but ominous font that perfectly captures the cover’s mood. This cover is a must-see for anyone drawn to dark and moody aesthetics.


The Cult album covers are an essential part of the band’s identity. Each cover is a reflection of the band’s music and sensibilities. From dreamy tribal imagery to gritty rock and roll, their album covers have something for everyone. Moreover, these covers are an excellent reminder that album art can be just as important as the music it accompanies. They are perfect for framing or hanging on your wall, and they will likely continue to inspire artists and music fans for generations to come.

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Album Artwork: The Cult

Album Artwork: The Cult


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