10 Awesome Dokken Album Covers

Marlon M. Simpson

Dokken is a name that rings a bell in the Heavy Metal music arena. The band has enjoyed immense popularity for over three decades since its inception in the early 1980s. One area that has been a significant contributor to their success is their album covers. Over the years, Dokken has produced some of the most iconic album covers that have graced the music industry. This piece delves deep into the most popular Dokken album covers, their history, and the creative genius behind them.

The Album Cover for Under Lock and Key

Dokken - Under Lock And Key Album Cover

Released in 1985, Under Lock and Key is easily one of Dokken’s most recognizable album covers. The cover art features a woman who is seemingly imprisoned and locked in a metallic case. The green hue of the cover adds a surreal component to the image, completing the foreboding atmosphere. The cover was designed by artist Jethro Bergantino, who wanted to create something that would portray the band’s image as a metallic force and also stand out in record stores.

The Album Cover for Breaking The Chains

Dokken - Breaking The Chains Album Cover

Dokken’s debut album, Breaking The Chains, was released in 1981, and its cover has become entrenched in Heavy Metal’s glorious history. The cover portrays a massive chain that is broken in two. The symbolism of the cover is representative of the band’s new freedom following their move to America. The simplicity of the cover also adds to its classic appeal.

The Album Cover for Back for The Attack

Dokken - Back for The Attack Album Cover

Released in 1987, Back for The Attack remains one of Dokken’s most successful albums. The cover depicts a dragon rider holding a sword atop a flying metal dragon. The cover art has a surreal and mythical quality that is synonymous with rock music. The creative genius behind this album cover is Storm Thorgerson, who is famous for his works with bands like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.

Marlon M. Simpson

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