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Gwar Album Covers: A Visual Journey Through the Universe of Scumdogs

Gwar, the legendary American Heavy Metal band known for its elaborate costumes, theatrical performances, and graphic lyrics, has released numerous albums throughout its almost four-decade-long career. However, their album covers, arguably, are just as iconic as their music, if not more. Each cover is a work of art that captures the band’s aesthetic, tone, and attitude towards life, death, and everything in between. In this post, we will explore some of the most memorable Gwar album covers and their significance.

Hell-O (1988)

One of Gwar’s earliest releases, Hell-O (1988), features an image of the band’s lead singer, the late Oderus Urungus, with a grotesque, skull-like mask. Behind him, there is a cosmic background with explosions, planets, and other celestial bodies. The cover perfectly captures Gwar’s sense of humor, irreverence, and nihilism. The mask reflects the band’s fascination with death and decay, while the cosmic background hints at their interest in science-fiction and otherworldly themes.

Scumdogs of the Universe (1990)

Scumdogs of the Universe (1990), arguably Gwar’s most famous album, features an elaborate cover with dozens of characters and creatures. The Scumdogs, a group of intergalactic outcasts, are the central figures of the image. They are depicted in various forms, from humanoid to animalistic, and they are engaging in all sorts of violent and erotic acts. The background is a chaotic mixture of blood, fire, and debris, suggesting a universe in turmoil. The cover is a visual representation of Gwar’s philosophy, which is best summarized in one of their most famous lines: “We are here to rape and pillage your culture.”

This Toilet Earth (1994)

This Toilet Earth (1994) is one of Gwar’s most thematic albums, as it revolves around environmental issues and the possible end of the world. The cover features a giant toilet with a monstrous Gwar creature emerging from it. The creature’s hands are holding a nuclear mushroom cloud, while its eyes are beaming with insanity. The background is a post-apocalyptic landscape with mutated animals and plants. The cover is a comment on the destructive nature of human activity and its consequences on the planet. Gwar is reminding us that we are flushing ourselves down the toilet of history.

Battle Maximus (2013)

Battle Maximus (2013) is one of Gwar’s more recent albums, and it features a cover that pays tribute to classic Heavy Metal album covers, such as Iron Maiden’s Piece of Mind. The cover depicts the band members as knights in shining armor, riding on monstrous creatures, ready to engage in a epic battle. The background is a medieval castle under siege, with flying saucers and lasers. The cover is a nod to Gwar’s roots in Heavy Metal and their love for fantastical imagery.


Gwar’s album covers are not just illustrations of their music. They are pieces of art that reveal the band’s identity, philosophy, and aesthetic. Each cover is a visual journey through the universe of Scumdogs, a universe filled with violence, humor, horror, and wonder. Gwar’s longevity and influence on the Heavy Metal scene are largely due to their ability to create immersive and unforgettable experiences for their fans. Their album covers are just one aspect of this creative process, but they are perhaps the most striking and enduring. In a world where album covers are becoming less relevant, Gwar’s covers are a reminder that art can still be a powerful medium of expression and communication.

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