10 Awesome How To Make Moving Album Covers

Marlon M. Simpson

Album covers have always been an essential part of music, as they are the first impression that your music will leave on your audience. A visually striking album cover can grab anyone’s attention and make them eager to check out your music. Standard album covers can be great, but moving album covers can take your artwork to a whole new level.

The Basics of Moving Album Covers

Cover images that move

The technology to create moving album covers is more readily available than ever before. One of the most straightforward methods for creating moving album covers is by animating a video or gif and using it as the cover image. The process is similar to creating a regular album cover, but with the added step of animating the image. Video and gif formats are the ideal options because they lend themselves naturally to animation.

Many album cover creators opt for eye-catching transitions, like zooming, fading, and rotating. Others prefer to create a continuous loop, like a boomerang or animated gif. These animations can be as complex or as simple as you would like, as long as they add to the visual appeal of your album cover.

Steps to creating a moving album cover

Steps to creating a moving album cover

The process of creating moving album covers can be broken down into several steps:

Marlon M. Simpson

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