10 Awesome Venom Album Covers

Marlon M. Simpson

Album covers are often the first thing that a fan sees when encountering a new band’s music. Venom, the English heavy metal band, is no exception. With a career that spans over four decades, Venom has cultivated a vast assortment of album covers that have become synonymous with their unique sound and style.

One of Venom’s most recognizable album covers is the artwork for their debut album, “Welcome to Hell.” Released in 1981, the album’s cover features a demonic figure with piercing eyes that stare menacingly at the viewer. The figure is depicted against a fiery background, with bats flying around it. The use of bold, contrasting colors and intricate line work makes the artwork both eye-catching and intimidating.

Another iconic album cover from Venom is that of their second album, “Black Metal.” Released in 1982, the cover features a sinister-looking black metal mask set against a red and orange background. The use of bold, block-like shapes and colors shows off the band’s minimalist style and signature sound.

Venom’s album covers are often a mix of shock value and tongue-in-cheek humor. This can be seen in the artwork for their album “Possessed,” which was released in 1985. The cover features a large, green demon with razor-sharp teeth, looming over a group of cowering human figures. The figures are depicted in a cartoonish style that belies the darkness of the subject matter.

The artwork for Venom’s album “Calm Before the Storm” is a departure from their usual dark and menacing style. Released in 1987, the cover features a serene landscape with trees and mountains in the background. In the foreground, a reclining nude woman is depicted, with an antique-looking vase holding a single flower on one side. The use of soft, pastel colors and a classical theme gives the album a more introspective and subdued tone.

“Temples of Ice,” released in 1991, features an album cover that is equal parts eerie and beautiful. The cover art depicts a haunting, icy landscape with a mystical-looking figure appearing to emerge from the darkness. The use of muted, understated colors and a surreal aesthetic gives the album cover a dream-like quality.

Venom’s 2006 album “Metal Black” features an album cover that is both menacing and darkly humorous. The cover depicts a demonic figure with glowing red eyes and a huge grin on its face. The figure appears to be standing on a pile of skulls, with a stylized bolt of lightning in the background. The use of bold lines and vivid colors give the artwork a comic book-like feel.

In conclusion, Venom has created a vast assortment of album covers that are as unique and iconic as their music. From demonic figures to classical landscapes, each album cover is a reflection of the band’s evolving style and sound. Whether it is the dark and menacing artwork of their early years or the more introspective covers of their later albums, Venom’s album covers continue to captivate and intrigue fans.

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