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The Supremes Album Covers have been the subject of aesthetic appreciation and admiration for decades. The Motown girl group, consisting of Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson, and Diana Ross, first rose to fame in the early 1960s. Their music and style permeated the cultural consciousness and are still celebrated today.

The album covers of The Supremes reflect the changing times and the evolution of the group and its music. From their first album, Meet The Supremes, released in 1962, to their final studio album, Floy Joy, released in 1972, every album cover was a visual representation of the group’s identity and persona.

Meet The Supremes, with the iconic photograph of the group in matching red dresses and bouffant hairstyles, was a playful and youthful representation of the group. It set the tone for the group’s image as Motown’s premier girl group, and it quickly became a best-selling album.

Their next few albums featured similar group shots, with the girls in various coordinated outfits, developing their fashion identity. The Supremes (1965) album cover, with the girls in dazzling jewel-toned gowns and Diana Ross in the center looking regal in a white dress, is a standout example of this.

As the group’s sound evolved and became more complex, their album covers also became more sophisticated. The cover of More Hits by The Supremes (1965) features the girls in fashionable trench coats, looking classy and sophisticated. This album marked their shift towards more musical experimentation, particularly with the use of strings and brass, which allowed them to incorporate more complex arrangements into their music.

Some of the album covers, like The Supremes Sing Holland–Dozier–Holland (1967), were groundbreaking for their time. This album features the girls dressed in sleek satin pantsuits, with Mary and Florence wearing afros, and Diana wearing a bouffant hairstyle. This was a huge departure from their earlier appearance and was seen as a bold statement of confidence and empowerment.

With their later albums, the group’s image and persona continued to evolve. The cover of Cream of the Crop (1969) features the girls in colorful, mod-inspired outfits, with Diana Ross wearing a long, tribal-print dress. Along with their new look, the album marked the group’s return to the classic Motown sound, with upbeat and danceable tracks.

The Supremes’ final studio album, Floy Joy, was released in 1972, and the album cover reflects the shifting musical zeitgeist of the time. The cover shows the girls in casual, comfortable clothing, surrounded by nature, and with an overall relaxed vibe. The album featured a more mellow and introspective sound, with ballads and soulful tunes.

The Supremes Album Covers are a testament to the group’s enduring legacy and cultural impact. They reflect the group’s evolution and changing times, both musically and aesthetically. From their playful and youthful beginnings to their sophisticated and empowered image, the album covers of The Supremes remain a beloved and iconic part of music history.

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SUPREMES LP: Meet The Supremes (1962) Limited Edition (180g) – Bear

SUPREMES LP: Meet The Supremes (1962) Limited Edition (180g) - Bear


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