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Marlon M. Simpson

Jack White is one of the most innovative, thought-provoking musicians of our time. His creativity extends not only to his music but also to the artwork that accompanies it. White has always been an artist first and foremost, and this is evident in his album covers, which are creative, edgy, and striking. Let’s take a closer look at some of his most memorable album covers.

The Ultra LP Version of Jack White’s Latest Album

Jack White's Latest Album Cover

Released in 2014, Jack White’s latest album, called “Lazaretto,” is an artistic triumph. But it’s the album’s cover that really turns heads. The cover features a spinning graphic on the vinyl, which is a first for any LP. The “Ultra LP” also includes hidden tracks, secret messages, and an array of unique features that can only be found on the vinyl version. It’s a true work of art that goes beyond the music.

The Reissue of White Stripes’ Final Album

Reissue of White Stripes' Final Album Cover

The cover of the White Stripes’ final album, “Icky Thump,” is a striking image that really captures the essence of their music. The cover features an image of a giant red, white, and blue elephant stomping through a scrap yard, with Jack and Meg White standing in the foreground. It’s a perfect representation of the band’s signature sound: loud, brash, and bold.

Jack White Albums Ranked Worst to Best

Jack White Albums Ranked Cover

In this ranking of Jack White’s albums, the cover image is a simple yet effective black-and-white photograph of White with his guitar. The image perfectly captures the raw, gritty sound that White is known for. The cover is also very understated and doesn’t distract from the album rankings themselves, which are the main focus of the article.

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